Something for every taste

The Wood Fired Pizza menu is full of choices to serve every taste. We will work with you to come up with the perfect menu for your special occasion, or event. We even cater gluten-free, Dairy Free or Halal options. Here are some of our popular Pizzas, or let us know if you have a favorite ??

Starter Pizzas

  • Garlic and Herb: Italian Pizza Sauce,Fresh Garlic,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs.

Specialty Pizzas

  •  Butter Chicken: Italian Pizza Sauce,Butter Chicken,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs.
  •  Tandoori Chicken: Italian Pizza Sauce,Tandoori Chicken,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs.
  • Chicken, Apricot and Feta: Italian Pizza Sauce,Chicken,Apricots,Feta Cheese,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs.
  • Chicken, Bacon and Avocado: Italian Pizza Sauce,Chicken,Bacon,Avocado,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs.
  • Chicken, Bacon and Blue Cheese: Italian Pizza Sauce,Chicken,Bacon,Blue Cheese,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs.
  • Chicken, Camembert and Cranberries: Italian Pizza Sauce,Chicken,Camembert,Cranberries,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs.
  • Chicken, Capsicum and Sweet Chili Sauce: Italian Pizza Sauce,Chicken,Capsicum,Sweet Chili Sauce,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs
  • Margherita: Italian Pizza Sauce,Spinach,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs,Fresh Basil (When Available)
  • Hawaiian: Italian Pizza Sauce,Champagne Ham,Pineapple,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs,BBQ Sauce.
  • Irish: Italian Pizza Sauce,Bacon,Hash Brown Nuggets,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs,Garlic Aioli.
  • Meat Lovers: Italian Pizza Sauce,Pulled Beef,Pulled Pork,Mozzarella,Onion,Herbs,BBQ Sauce.
  • Roast Lamb and Minted Yoghurt: Italian Pizza Sauce,Pulled Lamb,Minted Yoghurt,Mozzarella, Onion,Herbs.
  •  Just send us some details of were, when, how many people ?? Then I can send you a quote.

You can now purchase our ever popular pizza sauce, $12 enough for around 20 pizzas or $6 enough for around 10 pizzas. Our sauce is made from pomodoro tomato’s (Italian tomato’s)

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